According to ChinaSmack :
Today marks the darkest day of Foxconn. 2 more workers has jumped leading to a media frenzy outside Foxconn Longhua C4 Building. This has increase the total to 15 person who has taken their precious life this year.

Many people are speculating that these suicide is all about compensation money for the deceased family. There are also other allegations that Foxconn is abusing their employer rights as rumors of staffs working well over 80 hours of overtime. Foxconn also appears to have a “privilege status” where  reports of abuse on reporters goes unanswered by the Police force. Wikipedia has a variety of detailed criticism on the ongoing issues.

Currently, another employee of Foxconn (16th) was found standing  over the ledge and we do hope he will not fall into the spiraling list of suicide jumpers.

[Latest Update 1]   Heavy Censorship arise in China’s Baidu forum. Source : Shanghaiist

The ongoing media coverage of the Foxconn suicide has lead to a full censorship over at Baidu famous forum “TIEBA”.  Media coverage of suicide stopped at No 12.

[Latest Update 2]   Foxconn website hacked. Source : Shanghaiist

The page has been pulled but Shanghaiist manage to get a screen shot and did a translation.

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By: Xiaokai

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