Canon launches CanonSGLens App Android version, now available on GooglePlay, following the success of the iOS version.
Singapore, 27 August 2012 – Building on the success of thecompany’s first iOS app for DSLR users, Canon Singapore is pleased to announcethe availability of the free CanonSGLens app for Android users in Google Play.
Basedon figures on the Apple App store from January to July 2012, the iOS version of the app, which was first released in 22 December 2011,has been in the top 50 downloads on iPad and top 100 downloads on iPhone forPhoto and Video category based on monthly average.

Similarto the iOS app, the Android app features detailed lens specifications of all 66Canon EF and EF-S lenses sold in Singapore with a unique interactive simulatorthat allows users to compare the field of view of two camera-lens combinations.It also contains interactive educational content about depth of field andexposure, which is extremely useful for DSLR users, whether they are beginners, amateurs orprofessionals. TheCanonSGLens for Android app now comes with 7 new lenses for users to test out.It is compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 2.1 and up.

Featured Content

§ Detailedlens specifications of all Canon EF and EF-Slenses sold in Singapore. The 7 new lenses added to the database are:

–         EF24-70mmf2.8L II USM

–         EF-S18-135mmf/3.5-5.6 IS STM

–         EF24mmf/2.8 IS USM

–         EF28mmf/2.8 IS USM

–         EF40mmf/2.8 STM

–         EF500mmf/4L IS II USM

–         EF600mmf/4L IS II USM

§  Compare lens specifications side byside, with differences indicated

§  Compare high resolution MTF charts andlens constructions diagrams

§  Field of View simulator featuringmultiple photos taken of the same scene in Singapore using two differentcamera-lens combinations

§  Depth of Field simulator andcalculator

§  In-depth topic with interactivesimulators explaining how aperture and shutter speed affect exposure, depth offield and motion blur in the various exposure modes

App Features

§  Compatible with Android 2.1 and up

§  Optimized for all types of Androiddevices and orientations, even for screens as low as 320 x 480 megapixels

§  Highly visual interactive simulators

§  Bookmark your favourite pages

§  Add your own notes to any page

§  Content optimised for both portraitand landscape orientations

§  No internet connection required

§  Powered by the 123di contentvisualisation engine

CanonSGLensis now available fordownload on Google Play at:

An update of the CanonSGLens App(version 2.1.0) for iOS in now available on the Apple App store.