Local distributor CDL Trading and Gigabyte Technology of Taiwan held a gathering of power users at a Thai restaurant in town. Rockson Chiang was here in town to give us a view of the technologies available on the Gigabyte mainboards.

The event started at 7.20pm with crowds streaming in from all parts of Singapore. To my surprise, some of the attendees are probably Secondary school kids. Of course, the older ones would be close to 50 yrs old. It simply shows that Gigabyte boards are well accepted by all age groups.

Much of the presentation was on the current technologies like USB 3.0 super charge of iPhone, iPad and stability design using ferrite chokes etc. The most interesting demonstration was the demonstration of Cloud OC where he uses a iPad (or any phone with wifi). The wifi device is connected to the AP. With the device (ipad or phone), you can access the IP address of your machine and overclock the system remotely over the WiFi network.

The video presentations are on the 2nd page.


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