ASUS at CeBIT 2010: Inspiring Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

Latest Green, Gaming, Multimedia, and Cloud Computing Innovations Unveiled
CeBIT 2010, HANNOVER, GERMANY (March 2, 2010) — ASUS today showcased a wide spectrum of products and technological advances that embody the company’s “Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection” ethos. Designed on the belief that information technology exists to enhance people’s lives, these innovations bolster, reinvent, or revolutionize the user experience in Green, gaming, multimedia and cloud computing contexts.

Green from the Inside Out
At this year’s CeBIT, ASUS has set aside a special Green Design Product zone to showcase the wide-ranging innovations that empower consumers keen on going Green. The Green innovations employed in the design, development and manufacturing of ASUS’ notebooks, Eee PC™ netbooks, EeeBox PCs, LED monitors and motherboards have garnered the company numerous eco-label certifications. ASUS, for example is the first notebook manufacturer to receive the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Carbon Footprint and EU Flower certifications. The foremost of these Green innovations include ASUS’ exclusive Super Hybrid Engine notebook and netbook power management technology that lowers energy consumption well under Energy Star V5.0 requirements, and the Energy Processing Unit (EPU) installed on ASUS motherboards that automatically monitors and adjusts the system’s power requirements to ensure maximum efficiency.

ASUS’ Green advances also extend to material use—illustrated perfectly by the introduction of the U Series Bamboo Collection. U Series Bamboo notebooks take advantage of bamboo’s regenerative and resilient characteristics, reducing plastics usage by 20 percent while lending them an elegant, organic feel.

The Choice of Every Gamer
From hardcore fans of the latest bleeding edge FPS and RPG games, to avid MMO gamers, to casual players of web-based games, ASUS recognizes that there are many different types of gamers—each with distinct needs. ASUS seeks to fulfill these specific needs through its diverse array of products, with the Republic of Gamers (ROG) lineup at the hardcore end of the spectrum, and the Eee PC™ at the casual end. ROG’s claim to fame is its unchallenged dominance in the areas of power, overclockability, and tweakability—rendering its multi-GPU ready motherboards, graphics cards and notebooks the choice of gaming and overclocking champions across the globe.

At CeBIT 2010, ASUS unveiled some of ROG’s most powerful offerings to date, led by the dual Radeon HD5870-sporting ARES, the fastest graphics card in the world, followed by the stealth fighter-inspired G73 notebook which boasts cutting edge specifications and design, and the G51JX 3D, the world’s first notebook to integrate NVIDIA® GeForce® 3D Vision™ for lifelike 3D gaming on the go. ASUS also lifted the curtain on the ASUS VG236H and PG276H, Full HD 3D displays that are set to blow gamers away with eye-popping visuals with sights previously exclusive to the cineplex.

Hearing is Believing: ASUS Establishes a New Standard for Notebook Audio
Audio has always been an area of compromise with notebooks because of the sheer difficulty involved in improving their sonic capabilities. Sparing no expense, ASUS is the first notebook manufacturer to tackle this gap head on, and the result is ASUS SonicMaster. SonicMaster—the result of co-development by ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower—completely redraws notebook audio. It debuts on new ASUS N Series models (N43, N63 and N73), providing striking audio for people interested in affordable, unflinching quality. Top-line NX Series notebooks feature upgraded SonicMaster capabilities, replacing existing home entertainment hubs.

Poised to Usher in the Cloud Era
Since the launch of the first Eee PC™ in 2007, ASUS has been at the vanguard of providing devices for users looking to get the most out of the cloud. Today, ASUS has solidified its position as the leader in cloud devices with a comprehensive range of netbooks, nettops, E-Readers, home servers, storage systems, media players and networking products that enable users to access and host cloud services, as well as seamlessly share files between devices. On show at CeBIT 2010 are the fourth generation of Eee PCs™—a bold, new collection that sports designs and feature sets tailored for different users, namely social elites, business professionals, everyday mobile Internet users, and tech fashionistas. Among the new models is a premium netbook crafted from aluminum, a first for the Eee PC™ line. Also showcased is the DR-900, a slim and chic 9″ E-Reader with Wi-Fi or optional 3G connectivity that displays crisp, paper-like pages for optimal reading comfort. The DR-900 boasts an incredibly long battery life, enabling users to read over 10,000 pages, or twenty 400-page novels, on a single charge.

In addition to Eee PCs™ and the DR-900 E-Reader, other ASUS devices designed for cloud computing include:

Eee Series PCs: EeeKeyboard PC and EeeTop PC
Media playback: O!Play HD2, the world’s first USB 3.0 media player that provides access to a wealth of cloud infotainment
Networking and storage: TS mini home server, NAS-M25 network-attached storage and RT-N76U router