The first trade show of the year is the CES 2014 which will be held at Las Vegas on Jan 7. CES has been the traditional trade show that see big brands announce their new products for the year.

In the upcoming year, we should see some new gadgets and technologies surface.


One of the interesting aspect is the wearable technology. We are not talking about appareals but watches, glasses etc.

In 2013, we have seen Sony Smart Watch, Galaxy Gear but they seem to be not matured products. Competitors are coming out with cheaper alternatives that will work across platforms other than Android. One of such alternative is the Neptune Pine, it is an android smartphone in a watch, not just subsidiary bluetooth device for your smartphone.

We should also be seeing more 64 bit processors from various players after Apple iPhone 5S is the first to embrace 64 bit computing for smartphones. Qualcomm, nVidia and Broadcom should be announcing some new 64 bit processors in the upcoming CES.

LG already has some big plans for 2014. It has already indicated that they will be showing off the LG Chromebase, a Celeron powered AIO which will probably kill a lot of competitors out there.

They will also be shownig the largest LG 4K Curved TV set and the LG G Flex. Just in case you are not aware, the LG G Flex is already on sale in Singapore.

China phone maker might show off Oppo N1 and Meizu might throw in some surprises.

Are you excited ? What other interestnig products will be shown at CES 2014 ?

By Harry