Comex 2014 scanned price lists and floor plan

Comex is the 3rd IT trade show of the year where consumers get best bargains with huge discounts in IT and 3C products. It is happening from 28-31 Aug 2014 at SUNTEC Singapore Levels 4 & 6

In almost every trade show, the 3 telecom operators Singtel, Starhub and M1 takes up most of the floor space. This time round, the 3 telecom operators aren’t participating at all. They are no where to be found on the floor plan as shown below.

So, what bargains are you looking forward to at COMEX ? do check out our price list section here from starting from today. If you are exhibiting there and would like us to host your flyers, do send them in as in JPEG format to ocworkbench at




By Harry