Singaporean digital telecommunications company Circles.Life will cease operations and withdraw from the Taiwanese market on July 15th, affecting approximately 50,000 users across Taiwan. The National Communications Commission (NCC) suggests that users can choose to port their numbers to other telecom operators to avoid service disruption.

Circles.Life announced on its official website today (May 30th) that users should complete number porting by June 30th and recommends users consider the exclusive offers provided by FarEasTone Telecommunications for Circles.Life users. Circles.Life’s distinctive feature is its no-contract commitment, with the current plan offering unlimited data at a monthly rate of NT$466.

FarEasTone Telecommunications offers plans including 4G and 5G tariffs with monthly rates of NT$199, NT$299, NT$399, NT$499, and NT$599 respectively, but none offer unlimited data. Among them, the NT$499 plan offers unlimited data at a speed limit of 21Mbps; the NT$599 5G plan provides 36GB of 5G internet usage, with speeds reduced to 12Mbps after reaching the limit.

The release of these plans has sparked discussion among netizens, with many feeling the offers are not attractive enough, commenting, “NT$499 plan actually has speed limits,” “The offers aren’t that great,” “It’s truly the era dominated by the three major telecom companies,” “Hope Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile also have absorption plans to choose from,” “There’s no turning back indeed.”

Currently, the three major telecom companies, including Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, and FarEasTone Telecommunications, offer unlimited 4G data plans at a monthly rate of NT$599, leading many netizens to believe that porting to this plan is more cost-effective.

By Harry