Circles.Life sent an email to it’s customers this morning informing subscribers that the 20 GB for $20 add on to the basic $28/mth add on will cease by end of Feb. That is to say, you still have less than half a month before this option is taken away from it’s portal. This change in plan does not affect the Chinese New Year promotion of 20 GB for $28 with $10 rebate per month.

In a leak by website msnews, it claims that Circles.Life has indicated to them in online chat that there are plans to launch a new plan (or an add on) which gives it unlimited data. It is unknown whether it is a new plan or is it a new add on. If it is an unlimited data addon or plan, how will it be throttled ? Will it be at 4G speed and slowed down to 1 Mbps after a certain threshold is met?

So far, not much details are avaiable, we will just have to wait and see what Circles.Life has planned as it sees it’s market share being diluted with TPG’s free trial network which offers uncapped unlimited 4G data of 2 GB per day and 1 Mbps after the data cap is breached per day. (It resets to 4G speeds at midnight).

By Harry