Circles.Life just introduced a top up plan of 20GB data for $20 a month. This new top up is on top of the base on of $28 which comes with 6GB of data, 100 outgoing mins, free WhatsApp calls and free caller-ID.

For $48 per month, you will now get a total of 6GB + 20GB = 26GB per month. That is totally insane! You would never #NeverRunOutofData. The good news is that you can activate it immediately using the app.

This is probably the best deal in town. We await for the response from the 3 telcos – Singtel, Starhub and M1. (Circles.Life lease network from M1).

Below is a screenshot of user Keith Ang. He is delighted to activate this add on plan and he is using it to watch youtube on the move and sharing the device as a hotspot.

You can take advantage of this offer :

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By Harry