Circles.Life had a successful marketing campaign in town area yesterday, exchanging your $3 for $50 note. Now it is unveiled today it is all for promoting Circles.Life new $3 per day unlimited data plan

For S$3 a day, Circles.Life now offers unlimited mobile data for a day. This adhoc on demand is meant for existing Circles.Life customers as an add-on. As most users might not really need more than 5GB on the average, a use per day on demand option is a welcomed move. To enable it,  Customers simply activate it on their CirclesCare app.


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In addition to this new plan, Circles.Life also introduced a new service WhatsApp Passport. This plan is an add-on that offers customers unlimited messages on WhatsApp when overseas. From S$1 a day, they can enjoy unlimited data usage for WhatsApp while roaming with Circles.Life’s partner networks in over 18 countries, including Malaysia (Celcom), Indonesia (Indosat or XL Axiata), Bangladesh (Robi) and the US (AT&T) and the UK (Vodafone).

Unlimited Outgoing Calls, is the 3rd service introduced and it allows unlimited local outgoing calls by add-on which costs S$16 per month. You would need to add S$2 for free incoming calls. This can be complemented with Circles.Life’s existing add-on which charges S$2 a month for free incoming calls, creating a plan that offers 6GB of data and unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for “only S$46 a month”, said the telco.

One thing we would like to highlight is that most telcos will have a fair usage policy. In some cases, the access speed will be throttled down while some will have a certain virtual limit.

By Harry