The data war is spreading from MVNO to MNO. This morning, M1 announces availability of a $5 for 25 GB top up plan for it’s SIM ONLY base plan.

This is probably in reaction to Starhub’s $20 for 50 GB announced yesterday.

With this add on, the cheapest SIM ONLY $20 plan which comes with 15 GB of data can be topped up 40 GB per month (+25 GB). It is unclear if the add on requires a 12 months contract.

*A 12 months contract is required for free caller ID and roaming.

M1 did not indicate that after the first 40 GB is consumed, will users enjoy throttled unlimited data like what Circles.Life and Starhub plans offer.

To sum it up, based on the cheapest plan + top up,

M1 : $25 for 40 GB ($5 top up to base plan $20)

Starhub : $45 for 63 GB ($20 top up to base plan $25)

Circles.Life : $48 for 40 GB ($20 top up to base plan $28)

M1 : $0.625 per GB, Starhub $0.714 per GB, Circles.Life : $1.20 per GB