Zero1, the MVNO that delivered the first unlimited plan with first 3GB at 4G followed by unlimited at 1 Mbps has something even more interesting this time round.

They are offering this limited offer for the 1st GB at 4G speeds and unlimited at throttled speeds (unsure if it is 512kbps or 1mbps). The plan comes with 200 minutes and 200 SMS per month and free caller id. The good news is that you can get all this for just S$9.90 / mth for the first 6 months.

There is no need to head down to COMEX as you can subscribe to it online by 7 Oct 2018. Each person can sign up to 6 lines. Do take note $9.90 per mth is for the first 6 months, afterwhich the normal rate of S$13.90 will apply.  There is no 12 mths contract required. As it is not stated, we assume the minimum contract period is one month.

Registration, SIM Card and Delivery Charges
Waived for a limited time only
Registration Fee of $10.70 applies to the 1GB To Unlimited Data Plan

Previously, MyRepublic offered the UNO plan at S$8/mth 1GB plan during it’s initial launch phase. MyRepublic UNO plan was well received as it offers 1000 SMS and 1000 mins of CALLS. It also provided Voice and Data Roaming. It also have an app which you could monitor usage or upgrade on the fly.

Zero1, since it’s launch hasn’t launch it’s app nor roaming service.

Nevertheless, the S$9.90/mth offer is definitely going to win over many customers who do not require large amount of data at high speed. To date, it is unknown what is the throttled speed after the 1 GB is used up. Will it still be at 1 Mbps or at a lower 512 Kbps or worse still 384 kbps like what MyRepublic does after the user exceeds 1 GB on the UNO Plan.

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