The latest Zero1 1GB unlimited plan didn’t disappoint. Similar to it’s 3 GB plan, it throttles down but to 0.75 to 1 Mbps and upload ranges around 600 – 750 kbps depending on the speed test application used.

At this speed, most of the music streaming services should work fine. YouTube streams well at 480p (updated).

MyRepublic had a UNO plan which costs S$8/mth and provided 4G speed for the first 1 GB. Unfortunately, it throttles it down to around 256-384kbps making it unusable for most of the social media and streaming apps.

This Zero1 plan is not bad considering that the monthly fees is only SGD 9.90 for the first six months there after at SGD 13.90 per mth.

The plan comes with 200 SMS and 200 outgoing calls free incoming calls and caller ID. At the moment, it doesn’t support voice and data roaming.

These are preliminary results supplied by Johnson Ng. (credits Johnson Ng)

2 thoughts on “Zero1 1GB unlimited plan throttle to 0.75 to 1 Mbps after the 1GB is used up”
    1. Well $9.90 vs $29.90. the speed is halved too. the 3GB plan will get throttled down to 768kbps if you exceed 10 GB.

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