If you have been a TPG trial user, you will appreicate the XL unlimited plan which offers the first 2 GB of the day at 4G+ speeds and throttled at 1 Mbps once you exceed it. It also offers you unlimited voice calls to loca mobile numbers and fixed lines over VoLTE (with suitable mobile phones).

It looks like MyRepublic is first to catch up with this trend by offering a similar structure. Instead of 2 GB, it is offering the first 3 GB of the day at 4G+ speeds and once you exceed, it will throttle it down to lower speed. We are unsure what speed it will throttle it down to. If the settings are similar to UNO 8, it will be at 384 Kbps which is generally usable unless you need to stream videos at high resolutions or download huge files beyond 3 GB. Effectively, the plan gives you a total of 90 GB of 4G+ data per month.

It also offer 3G unlimited talk time and SMS. VoLTE is probably not supported as MyRepublic is a MVNO. Other perks include the MR Talk app to save on your IDD roaming call back.

Do you find the price reasonable ?

By Harry