TPG is the 4th Telco that has the 4G spectrum ready for service. They were supposed to be operational by 2018 but it seems that market conditions pushed them to 2019.

To date, they haven’t reveal their price plans as they intend to let 20,000 registrants to trial it and fine tune their network before official launch.

To begin with, the trial SIM ONLY plan will include unlimited data and unlimited mobile to mobile calls. The data bundle per month is at 2 GB (Zero1 is at 1GB or 3GB). Thereafter, it will be capped at 1 Mbps on a daily basis. It will be bundled with 20 SMS and 20 minutes of outgoing calls to local fixed line each month (CL Flex has 30 mins, 1 GB data bundle for S$0).

As TPG only has a LTE network. voice calls need to be made through VoLTE. Older phones that do not support will not be able to work. New phones lke the Huawei Nova 3i, PIxel 3 with VoLTE will work for 4G Voice calls.

At this moment, Porting of number is being certified and will not be made available after the trial. Thus, if you intend to keep the number, you might have to wait a while. The trial plan comes with no contract and customers will be notified of standard monthly charge 2 months before the end of the 12 months free trial.

Those interested to participate in the trial can register their interest at Will you be applying for it ?

TPG Singapore should be launching soon and will have 8 series numbers starting from 8761xxxx

Will TPG launch unlimited data plans that compete head to head with MyRepublic and Zero1

By Harry