Currently, Zero1 has the cheapest unlimited data plan at S$9.90 (and S$13.90 after the first 6 months). Zero1 offers a throttled unlimited data speed tiered from 1 Mbps down 784 kbps , 512 kbps to 384 kbps after the user consumes more than 1 GB  of 4G high speed data. It comes with 200 minutes of outgoing calls and SMS. Caller ID is also free.

Likewise MyRepublic UNO S$8 plan was offered to supporters and early adopters and has closed applications for friends through referral scheme. The S$8 plan was the first to provide 1000 minutes of calls, free caller ID and 1 GB bundled 4G high speed data. It will drop to 256 Kbps to 384 Kbps which is not very usable except for Whatsapp.

Will TPG launch something similar to capture the market share ? Perhaps they might even considering free for the first 6 months and there after at $10.99 per month ?  If  that is not their strategy, they might have to offer something like MNO M1′ does.  M1’s current most well received SIM ONLY plan is S$20 for 5 GB and add $5 for another 5 GB. Effectively it is $25 for 10 GB + 2 GB (for porting in), In total, 12 GB for S$25 (without caller ID).

So, will TPG adopt the MNO big data package (with 12 mths contract) or the MVNO unlimited data model (with just one month contract) ?

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By Harry