If you missed the UNO 8 plan which charge you S$8 for 1 GB data and 1000 minutes of voice calls, SMSand boundless data. Good news, MyRepublic has just relaunched it as UNO 18 at the price to S$18 per month. It maintains the boundless data where users can continue to surf the net with no limit to data but at low speeds of 384 kbps (based on current UNO plan) after the first 1 GB is consumed. Caller ID is free.

The no contract plan is a good option fot those who requires lots of local talk time. Unfortunately it is priced at S$18/mth, it only has 1 GB of data. For around the same price, you could get a Starhub or M1 plan at S$20 to $25 gets your 15 to 20 GB of data. If you port in to M1, you get an additional 800 minutes of calls which totals up to 900 mins. It may also have difficulty competing with Zero1 S$9.90 (S$13.90 after 6 mths) for 1 GB data and throttled at 512 kbps thereafter.

As a MVNO, it doesn’t come with VoLTE, so do expect lower voice quality. It does have a pretty good online support. Their roaming packages are also priced very competitively. The MyRepublic Talk app is also a useful tool for you to cut down on roaming costs.

We feel that this relaunched UNO plan is suitable for those who makes a lot of voice calls and SMS. It may also be suitable for the frequent travellers as it does have a comprehensive roaming packages for all.

So, will you sign up for it ?

By Harry