If you are a light data user, MyRepublic UNO $8 plan for 1 GB should be very familiar plan. The UNO plan was an attractive plan priced at $8 (was reintroduced at $18) with 1 GB data and abdunant call minutes. The plan was riding on Starhub. Unfortunately, the boundless data (so called unlimited data) runs at a slow 384 Kbps was a turn off as Zero1 offers a higher unlimited data rate at 1 Mbps, 784 Kbps or 512 Kbps (depending on amount of data used). The

In early April 2020, MyRepublic launched a new plan known as “Lite Plan’. for S$10, it comes with 6 GB of data, 300 mins of voice calls and SMS, free incoming and caller ID.

There is a fundamental change in the “Lite Plan”. This new plan rides on M1 infrastructure instead of Starhub. It also offers VoLTE and VoWIFI. What that means is that calls can now connect faster and you also get crystal clear voice quality.

MyRepublic has a new design 3-in-1 SIM card

So how does this new “LITE plan” perform. We did some speedtest to burn out the 6 GB. MyRepublic LITE plan supports LTE+ and can run up to 100 Mbps depending on location.

See next page for the performance results.