If you have a phone which supports multi band carrier aggregation, chances are that you will get improved speeds. This is usually indicated as 4G+ or LTE+ on the left or right corner of the screen.

This is confirmed as it was later found out that TPG officially supports it. It is not known if LTE+ is available across the country or selected locations. We suspect it could intra band as Band 8 is FDD while Band 40 is TDD.

  • Customers can enjoy full unthrottled 4G speeds when they use a 4G-ready smartphone/ device supporting LTE Band 40 – 2300MHz and/or Band 8 – 900MHz. TPG supports Carrier Aggregation which will result in improved network speeds

In the screen shot above, we managed to get TPG BAND 8 signal in one part of the flat with Band 40 signal switches over to Band 8 at 900 MHz. Surprisingly, when we do a speedtest, the LTE+ signal appears and we can confirm that it is indeed intra band B8+B8 in the works. This result in a much higher speed of 86 Mbps downlink and 20 Mbps uplink.

By Harry