SIMBA Telecoms, a Singaporean telecommunications company, is increasing its bandwidth to enhance the user experience. Notably, in the Toh Guan East area, a signal for Band 38 (TDD) has been detected. Network Cell Info Lite identified it as Band 38 (TDD).

The EARFCN of this signal is 37800, and it operates on a frequency of 2575 MHz with a bandwidth of 10 MHz. It currently functions as an anchor frequency with n1 for 5G NSA, but it is uncertain if it can be paired with other bands, such as b40, b1, and b8, for carrier aggregation.

As of now, the signal appears to function exclusively as Band 38 with only 10 MHz allocated with no carrier aggreation with other bands.

Band 38 is a subset of Band 41.

By Harry