Yesterday, MyRepublic’s announced a new data only plan – 14GB data-only at S$3.99/month. Although it looks enticing, there are terms and conditions that you need to take note before you  subscribe to this plan.

Firstly, you need to be their Fibre Broadband Subscriber. Secondly, the data allowance comprises 4GB of high-speed data and an additional 10GB at a managed speed of 1Mbps. The data plan means that there is no bundle voice minutes and SMS.

While $3.99/mth seems attractive, there are already some existing offers which are priced competitively. That translates to $1/GB (4 GB) or $0.285/GB (14 GB)

Zero1 has a data/voice plan 6U that offers 6 GB of data at 4G+ speed and 1 Mbps thereafter (throttle by step). It costs only S$9.90/mth. It has 200 minutes of talktime and 200 SMS. That translates to S$1.65/GB

VIVIFI plus also has a similar plan which offers the first 6 GB data at 4G+ speed and will throttle to usable speed. It is priced at S$9.98/mth. It comes with 350 mins of talktime and 100 SMS. That translates to S$1.66/GB

TPG Senior plan (for 60 years and above*) offers 20 GB of data at 4G+ speed and thereafter unlimited data at 512 kbps. It also offers 1GB Roaming Data, Unlimited Mobile to Local Mobile Lines, Unlimited SMS to TPG Lines, 300 Local Fixed Line Minutes and 30 Local SMS. It is priced at S$5/mth. That translates to S$0.25/GB

RedONE has a plan Amazing8 which offers 5 GB of data for $8/mth at 4G+ speed. The speed drops to 128 kbps after the 5 GB is used up. It comes with 300 minutes talk time and 300 SMS. That translates to S$1.60/GB.

Changi Mobile also has a S$8/mth plan. It comes with 8 GB of data at 4G+ speed, 200 mins of talktime and 200 SMS. There is roll over of data to the next billing cycle. There is no unlimited basic data after the 8 GB is used up. That translates to S$1.00/GB.

So which one do you think is a better deal ? Comment below.


By Harry