MyRepublic Mobile launches 3 new plans to complement the existing Uno and Ultimate plans.

The Smart 35 plan is priced at S$35/mth and comes with 7GB data. Mega 55 at S$55/mth with 12GB data and lastly Xtra85 at S$85/mth with 25 GB data. All plans comes with 1000 mins of call time and 1000 SMS + Roaming + Caller ID.

For those who are looking for the best deal, the new plans by MyRepublic doesn’t seem to be that attractive. For example, M1 has a S$20/mth 7GB plan (12 months Contract). Even if you add a S$5/mth for caller ID, it is just S$25/mth. I doubt anyone will require 1000 minutes of call time.

Secondly, MyRepublic runs on a Starhub which in my opinion has weak coverage. To be fair, MyRepublic does have a better roaming partnership overseas and is relatively cheaper than the current Telcos.

Compared to Zero1, these few plans really cannot compete with Zero1 at S$29/mth with unlimited 1mbps after the first 3GB. It offers free incoming, free caller ID, but roaming is non existent.

Compared to Circles.Life, the basic plan with a 6+2GB (promo) is S$30/mth including free incoming call (S$2). Circles.Life rides on M1 and has better coverage. If you top up $20 for 20GB, it would cost you around $50 for 28 GB of data which Is way cheaper than MyRepublic’s Xtra85 plan. Seriously, I don’t understand why is there a Xtra85 and a Ultimate plan competing with each other. Wouldn’t one choose the Ultimate plan since if gives you 80 GB instead of 25 GB ??

So, which MNO or MVNO will you choose ?

Will you sign up for the S$8/mth which offers the best value but slower throttle speed or you would go for higher data bundle at a higher price.

By Harry