MyRepublic has removed some of the older UNO plans and now replace it with a new Power Plan at S$24/mth

With $24/mth, you get a 20 GB of data, 100 mins of talk time (free incoming) and 100 free SMS. Free caller ID.

Users who sign up now will get an extra 30 GB bonus. That is S$24/mth gets you 50 GB of data for the first 3 billing cycles.

The plan also comes with MR Talk app which you can save up on roaming costs for receiving calls while you are roaming.

It looks like MyRepublic Power Plan is targetting at

Giga ($25 for 25 GB)
Grid ($24.90 for 40 GB)
M1 ($25 for 30 GB)
Gomo (S$20 for 20 GB)

For 50 GB for the first 3 mths, it will surely draw attract data burners to try it’s service.

So, will you take up this plan ?

By Harry