Telco Wars MNOs M1, Starhub vs MVNOs Zero1, MyRepublic and Circles.Life in Dec 2018

2018 is an exciting year for mobile subscribers. We have MNO now offering plans even cheaper than MVNOs. Here is a breakdown

MNOs (M1, Starhub, Singtel)

Just a week ago, Starhub revamped it’s SIM only plans by simplifying it to 3 plans.


13 GB at S$25/mth (3GB+10GB)
40 GB at S$50/mth (30GB+10GB)
70 GB at S$80/mth (60GB+10GB)

All plans comes with free incoming calls, free caller number display and free roaming subscription. The 10GB is for 1 year and it will be reverted back to the base 3, 30 or 60 GB. At least one month contract.

The plans comes with free incoming calls and 100 mins, 300 mins and 500 mins call minutes respectively.

On 15 Dec 2018, M1 increase it’s data allocation for it’s SIM plans to counter Starhub. All plans comes with 100 minutes of calls and free incoming.


15 GB at S$20/mth (5GB+10GB)
25 GB at S$40/mth (15GB+10GB)
40 GB at S$50/mth (30GB+10GB)

It comes with one year contract. Similar to Starhub, it has free incoming calls, caller id and roaming subscription. The perks last for one year and will revert back to normal 5, 15 and 30 base plan after contract expires.

For those who do not mind being contracted for one year, M1’s 15 GB for S$20/mth seems to be the best deal right now. The three MVNOs seem to have lost the data battle to both M1 and Starhub.

Singtel’s plan

Singtel just updated their promotion 15 GB for S$20/mth no contract for port in customers.

Port-in Promo: SIM Only 15GB Data for $20: Customers who port-in their postpaid number to Singtel will enjoy 15GB data for 12 months. Customers must subscribe to a SIM Only Starter Pack that is bundled with 3GB local data with additional 12 GB of free data (for 12 months). Customers who sign up a 12 month plan will get additional 150 mins talktime and 500
SMS. This is valid from 15-31st December 2018. Caller ID is not included, add S$5 to enable caller ID.

10 GB at S$36.05 (12 months contract)
5 GB at S$20 (12 months contract)
3 GB at S$20 (No contract) (no talktime/no sms)

The two plans comes with 150 mins talk time and 500 SMS.

MVNOs (Circles.Life, MyRepublic, Zero1)


Circles.Life now offers a promotional 12 GB data for $28/mth and 32 GB data for $48/mth. At least one month contract. For free incoming call you have to add S$2/mth to the plan. Caller ID is free, WhatsApp voice calls are free (no data deduction).


MyRepublic’s plan are 9 GB for S$35/mth, 18 GB for $55 / mth and 30 GB for $85/mth. MyRepublic broadband customers gets 3 GB, 8GB, 8GB for the respective plans. No contract. MyRepublic plans comes with boundless data at super low speeds which is almost unusable.

The good about MyRepublic plan is that it comes with 1000 minutes of call minutes.


Zero1 introduced a 9GB for S$39.90/mth with unlimited data that still works from 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps depending on plan.

1 GB at S$9.90/mth (for the first 6 mths, there after S$13.90)
3 GB at S$29.90/mth
9 GB at S$39.90/mth

There is no contract. Caller ID is free, voice roaming is activated for free. data roaming is not available yet. Both 1GB and 3GB plan comes with 200 minutes of calls while the 9 GB plan comes with 450 minutes of call minutes.

So which plan will you pick ? Would you sign up a 12 months contract and get the offer or prefer a monthly no contract and wait for impending offer from TPG before deciding which telco to sign up with ?

Please refer to the respective website for the details (which is ever changing)

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  1. Sonetimes on contract is better since unlikely to change price

  2. You forgot to mention starhub does not come bundled with sms whereas m1 15gb $20 comes with free 100 sms

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