Singapore is flooded with so many MVNOs. To date, we have 5 MVNOs operating and they are Circles.Life, Zero Mobile, Zero1, MyRepublic and VivoBee

Last year, we have reported that a 6th MVNO might join in. We have received news that this might happen mid of May 2019. We are unsure what sort of packages they will offer. Will RedOne MVNO, the 6th MVNO be able to woo local or just Malaysians to sign up their packages since it targets the working class. RedOne runs on Starhub.


RedOne will have assigned numbers ranging from 8756 xxx to 8760 xxxx.

On the other hand, two other MVNOs will also be joining this crowded market.

Red Otter OYA MVNO

Red Otter has a new MVNO named OYA. It will operate as a data only network targeting the eSIM capable handsets. They include the Apple and Google Pixel phones.

OYA has no monthly commitments, you Pay as you Go, topping up when necessary. You can buy additional data on a pay as you go basis – no monthly commitments.

As it is a 4G only network, my guess is that they could just be a MVNO running on top of TPG ? They have been assigned to operate with these numbers. It is scheduled to launch before end of the year.

8865 xxxx
8867 xxxx


ICYMI – In case you missed it is a familiar acroynm on the internet world. This is the also the name of the latest MVNO in Singapore. It is unknown who operates it other than ICYMI Pte Ltd. There only information we gathered is that it has been allocated the numbers.

8860 xxxx

In such a small country, we have so many MNOs and MVNOs, To date, we have :

MNO : Singtel, Starhub, M1 and TPG, gomo (Singtel)

MVNO : Circles.Life, ZeroSG, Zero1, MyRepublic, VivoBee, RedOne, Red Otter (OYA), ICYMI.

In total, 4 or 5 MNOs and 8 MVNOs. Will there be consolidation of the MVNOs as the market seems to saturated.

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By Harry