Review of ViVoBee

Last week, we reported about the 5th MVNO in Singapore – VIVOHUB. Yesterday, we managed to get hold of the SIM and did a simple test on this new MVNO.

Their SIM is known as VivoBee and it comes in the form of a 3 in 1 SIM. It is a prepaid card with 3 plans which as low as $1.

The MVNO runs on Starhub and comes with an app for user to buy more credits or transfer credits. It can even make IDD calls through it’s soft phone built in at a very affordable rate. In fact, local calls can be made at only 1.5 cents per minute.

Here is how the SIM card looks like :

VivoBee SIM card


This $1 plan is very affordable for workers. It is valid for 12 months and every month, there is a 500MB Local data bundle, 30 minutes of local calls, 30 SMS and free caller id. The best is that no other prepaid solutions so far includes a free Unlimited Incoming Call.

If you were to use the VivoBee app to make IDD calls (over WIFI from overseas) back to Singapore, it is only 1.5 cents/min which is the cheapest in town. Of course, those who need to call back home to Bangladesh, India, China will find the IDD rates very competitive too,  IDD rates check here.

By Harry