Last week, Vivobee introduced a new Lite plan at S$5/mth. With this new entrant, we see the entry plan (payable) has been reduced from $8/mth to $5/mth. The Vivobee plan comes with 1 GB data , 50 calls and SMS, free callerid and free incoming call.

Today, Circles.Life launched a counter plan, also at S$5/mth. Instead of offering 1 GB of data, it offers 2 GB data, 50 mins of voice calls and 25 SMS. From what is seen in the FAQ, there is no free incoming calls. There is a S$18 registration fee and you can port in existing telco numbers over to this plan too.

The $5 plan, similar to Vivobee does not offer any phone bundle, data roaming or unlimited data plan options.

For more data or voice minusters, you can boost it by


  • – $8 for 1GB
  • – $12 for 2GB
  • – $5 for 30mins talktime
  • – $10 for 200 mins talktime + Free incoming calls

Will you port your line into this plan ? Circles.Life Flex at S$0 continues for existing customers.

Alternatively, there are two other under S$10 plans available, would you go for Zero1 at S$9.90/mth or RedONE S$8 plan ?

Zero 1 S$9.90 (for first 6 mths)

RedOne $8.00 plan

By Harry