A few months ago, ViViFi launched it’s family sharing plan. Although it has a great idea, the basic package is close to S$30/mth which turn off many light users.

ViViFi today launched a lite version of it’s plan and it is priced at S$8.80/mth

500 mins, 3 GB data and 20 SMS
Free Incoming calls and SMS

There will be a delivery charge of S$12.

Top Up $3.21 for another 1 GB, 100 mins and 100 SMS

You can get a new line or port in your existing number.

So, we now have a few options for under S$10 –

  • Circles.LIfe $5 plan – 2 GB data, 50 mins talktime, 25 SMS
  • Zero 1 $9.90 – 1 GB data, 200 min talktime, 200 SMS
  • RedONE Amazing8 $8.00 – 3 GB data, 100 mins talktime, 10 SMS
  • Vivobee BEE LITE $5 – 1 GB data, 50 minutes of call minutes, 50 SMS

    Pricing do not include delivery, activation charges.

Which one would you pick ?

By Harry