A user at Reddit has compiled an updated list of SIM ONLY plans with details of pricing, offers, special contracts/benefits for the Singapore telcos inclusive of the Virtual operators (MVNOs).

Although the chart gives you an overview of the offers, there are some minor errors. You can view the chart below on our FB page.

In terms of pricing, the cheapest paid plan is Zero1 at S$9.90/mth with 200 mins of calls, 200 SMS, free caller ID and incoming calls. Two others that most people omit are the Circles.Life Flex at S$0 / mth (1 GB, 30 mins, 10 SMS) and TPG Free trial at $0/mth with almost 60 GB / mth + unlimited, unlimited calls to local mobile numbers, free incoming calls and caller ID.

The chart also omitted Vivobee which offers S$1 for 12 mths. They did include the latest new comer Singtel’s GOMO.

By Harry