SIM only plans are getting cheaper these days. M1 a MNO also has to defend it’s users from defacting to other MNO or MVNOs by offering better deals.

Today, M1 just slashed it’s SIM ONLY plan to another low at S$15/mth. This plan comes with 1000 mins and 1000 SMS. Free incoming calls, unlimited free calls to 3 M1 numbers, streaming of music on Spotify.

M1 is the only telco that offers eSIM option for your iPhone freeing up the other slot for another SIM. This is an advantage. It also offers VoLTE which all MVNOs don’t offer.

Something you ought to note is that Caller ID display is not included in this plan. For SAFRA, you may enjoy extra 5 GB on your plan for 12 months, you need up upload your safra membership card upon sign up.

The sim card charge of S$37.45 is applicable for both online and shop sign up

With the re-ignition of the price war and 12 month plan, does it mean that TPG is ready to enter the market at S$15 / mth ?

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By Harry