#circleslife now offers 8 GB data per mth for 28 dollars per month. The plan comes with free Whatsapp voice, caller ID free. 100 outgoing mins, 0 SMS. Add $2 for free incoming calls. There are other features including add S$3 for unlimilted bandwidth per day. Use my code MMEAV as referral code.

#zero1 29.99 3GB plus unlimited throttled speed 200mins outgoing free incoming caller ID is free.

The 3 telcos required a 12 months contract

#m1 offers 2GB extra if you port in from other telco for its cheapest plan at $20. It comes with 100 outgoing minutes and free incoming calls + 100 sms.  Total 5GB + 2GB = 7GB. A 12 mths contract is required for this offer. Unlimited free calls to 3 M1 numbers.



#singtel offers a similar package. You will need to port in a postpaid number from competitor telco. The plans comes with 150 mins outgoing calls 500 SMS. Add S$5 for caller ID. 12mths contract .Total 3G+2GB + 2GB WIFI = 5 GB Data + 2 GB WiFi

#starhub plan XS 12mths contract at 24 dollars per mth for 6GB of data. Weekend unlimited usage of data.. 200 minutes of out Free caller ID for 6 months. 12 months contract required.

These are all the cheapest sim only plans available during IT show till March 2018. Most plans comes with free registration and SIM card or discounts. Please check the respective for any updates in the promotions and their Terms & Conditions before signing up.

Zero1 Performance Review https://en.ocworkbench.com/tech/zero1-mvno-speedtest-performance-results-review/


By Harry