Zero1 MVNO Speedtest performance results review

You probably are aware that ZERO1 is the latest MVNO to launch it’s operation in SIngapore. Pre-registration was made available for the first 3000 subscribers at S$19/mth (Usual $29/mth)

Considering most plans are in the $20 range and provide limited data, Zero1 provides quite a good combination of voice and data.

Data is UNLIMITED. After the first 3 GB of data, the data speed will be throttled down to around 1 Mbps which is still generally usable for most.

As for Talktime, it comes with 200 minutes of outgoing calls and free incoming calls. 200 SMS is also packaged in which I think most people won’t use it anyway. The good news Caller-ID which usually costs S$5/mth is FREE.

We registered on 22 FEB and were the 18xx user to be ready to signed up for this plan. We received the SMS/Email notification on 12 March 2018. Although it says that SIM card delivery will take 3 business days, they only delivered it today on 20 March 2018.


On the Redmi 5 Plus, the Zero1 operator is recognised as SIngtel 4G+. Well it didn’t come as a surprise as this MVNO runs on Singtel infrastructure.

Results on 20 March 2018 were tested using Zero1. Those before 20 March 2018 labelled LTE are Circles.Life results,

A speedtest done on it shows that speed is indeed pretty decent. The only thing we noticed is the higher ping time in 20ms range and Jitter at 7ms. CIrclesLife and M1 has lower ping times and almost no jitter.

If you continue to do Speedtest, 3 GB should be easily breached within a few days. The below screen shot was sent to me by a fellow user. He claims that the speed is throttled down to almost 1 Mbps. According to him, it is still usable for Facebook, audio streams, youtube.

He even did a Hotspot linking his 2 kids’s phone using WIFI and it wasn’t laggy until one of them started streaming youtube.

Just like MVNOs Circles.Life, VoLTE doesn’t work. Calls are made in 3G or H+ sometimes.

There were also reports that the 4G keeps switching down to 3G at various locations. To solve this issue, you have to force it to LTE preferred. If option is not available, you will have to force it within the engineering mode of your android phone. I do not know of any solution if you use an iPhone.

By Harry