In 2018, MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operators have been a darling for network hoppers. From more data per dollar to throttled or unthrottled plans.

Zero Mobile runs as a MVNO on Singtel network and offers unlimited LTE data. Although they offer unlimited data, they are bounded by terms and conditions, one of them being not using it as a hot spot for tethering.

Last Friday 24 Aug 2018 around 1pm, problems surfaced. Many users of Zero Mobile are experiencing slow internet access. The usual 40 Mbps to 100+ Mbps seems to be throttled down to merely 512 kbps. This speed is halved of what Zero1, another MVNO user gets after they used up their 3 GB data per month.

Zero Mobile has no physical hotline to call and customers have to rely on facebook or email for communication. Some users we spoke to said that they couldn’t get a response from Zero Mobile. Customers also tried calling Singtel but Singtel referred them back to Zero Mobile.

The high speed LTE hasn’t’ been restored at press time (26/8/2018 11:17pm SGT). The customers can still access the internet but at really slow speed.

Another reader pointed to us that Zero Mobile has stopped accepting new registrations for it’s unlimited plan.

Some users are wondering why MVNOs can get away with such bad service quality ? They are frustrated with the issues like porting, billing and now no technical assistance for 2+ days.

This is not the first time MVNOs are plagued with issues. Zero1, another MVNO under Singtel sent out SMS billing customers S$10,000 over dollars. They later apologised. Zero1 promised data/voice roaming and app didn’t appear.

What would you do if you face such an issue ?

By Harry