If you are a M1 unlimited data plan subscriber, there is some bad news for you. From 30 September 2018, M1 will be changing it’s traffic management policy. The user will have LTE high speed access for the first 50 GB for the month.

Once that limit is exceeded, the speed will be capped at 1 Mbps until the next billing cycle.

It seems like unlimited plans are going in this direction to cap bandwidth hogging or abuse.

Currently, Zero1 is the only telco that offers a S$29.99  per mth for 3 GB of high speed access followed by 1 Mbps unlimited internet access.

Will other telcos follow suit ? Will other plans be converted to unlimited plans, that is above 5 GB of usage, it will be at 1 Mbps ? That is quite a common scheme used in overseas telcos.