Last week, readers have reflected to us about M1’s sudden change in traffic management policy. The new policy will throttle down the speed of access to 1 Mbps once usage crosses the 50 GB mark for the month.

M1’s GM responded with the following :

“We constantly review our Traffic Management measures to ensure the best experience for all our customers. Taking this into account, the updated data traffic management policy will benefit the vast majority of our customers, ensuring a fair and optimum service experience for all users.”

Well, to some of the extreme users, they might feel that they are short changed as they are paying for real unlimited plan. With effective from 30 September 2018, it will become a conditional based unlimited plan.

Customers may not like a change of T&C. M1 should have communicated this matter better to it’s customers. Seriously, 50 GB at LTE speed should be sufficient for a month. Even if the user exceeds the 50 GB limit, the speed at 1 Mbps is still usable for watching youtube at 480p, WhatsApp will still function properly. The only difference is that it will take a long time to download updates or patches (which can be downloaded over WIFI if you have exceeded the 50GB).

Will other operators follow suit to introduce “unlimited” plans ? I think plans like first 5 GB at LTE+ followed by 1 Mbps unlimited should be a good plan for low volume users.