While most of the media are focusing of China overtaking USA as 5G leader, Verizon in the US now leads with it’s first 5G home broadband available for subscription and operational in October 2018.

Verizon 5G Home, will start Oct. 1, with service to begin once the installation is complete. Customers in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, California, can start ordering the service, which costs $50 for Verizon Wireless customers and $70 for those who aren’t.

Unlike 4G, it is limited to some cities, you can check if you are eligible on Firston5G.com. Although Verizon is first, it is using a non industry standard. Early adopters will get free upgrades to ensure they move up to the industry standard as well.

Samsung 5G Router

AT&T plans to launch it’s service by end of the year but to what coverage extend nobody knows. Another telco, T-Mobile promises broader commercial service available early next year, and Sprint and LG are promising the first 5G smartphone.

Verizon is promising home broadband speeds ranging from 300 mbps to 1 Gbps which is comparable to fibre broadband. The carriers are aiming for peak speeds on the mobile side to far exceed that 1Gbps mark.

Verizon is rolling out the red carpet for early takers. Its “First on 5G” customers will get free installation, as well as three months of free service. Customers will also get a free Chromecast or Apple TV 4K, as well as three months of YouTube TV for free. They’ll also get priority in purchasing the first 5G mobile device.