Review of RedONE Singapore Amazing8 SIM Only Plan
OCWorkbench 24/5/2019 

RedONE is the latest MVNO to join the Singapore telco space. To date, we have

3 MNO – Singtel, Starhub and M1
2 MNO sub brands – gomo (Singtel), giga! (Starhub)
6 MVNO – Circles.Life (M1), Zero1 (Singtel), ZeroSG (Singtel), MyRepublic (Starhub), VivoBee (Starhub), RedONE (Starhub).

Yesterday, we went to one to the agents and signed up for the amazing8 plan (Yes, you can’t sign up online). The plans details have been discussed before so I won’t repeat it here. – 2 GB data shared between Singapore and Malaysia roaming + 150 mins for outgoing calls to Malaysia (there after 10 cents/min).

SIM ONLY plan by RedONE SG


Signing up is simple. Just bring your NRIC and tell the staff you want to sign up. All entries are done electronically. To my surprise, they even check your NRIC against ICA database.

During the sign up process, you have to decide on the spot the mobile number or if you wish to port in your existing numner from another telco. There is no option for you to port in later. Alternatively, if you want to try first, you can sign up another line and port over at a later stage and cancel the first line. I hope they give an option for you to port in at a later date. There is also a minimum 2 months ‘contract’. That is, if you port out or terminate the line during the 2 months period, you still have to pay 2 x $8 = S$16 to RedONE. Payment can be done using the Redone SG app thru eNETs. No credit or debit card options.

Unpacked and APN set to redone we tested the SIM basic functions and were quite delighted by the speed. See our speed test on the next page.

By Harry