Test Results


Test results

Here are the results tested outside SIM LIM SQ.

Signal level is not bad too and speedtest shot above 100mbps. NetFlix speedtest gets around 20 – 30 Mbps. I think it is location dependent.

As redone billing cycle is from day 1 of the month we are allocated only 500MB . We blew the limit .


The speed throttles down to around around 100kbps as stated and it is still usable for Facebook or WhatsApp calls. (updated)

One of the plus point for this mvno is that it allows you to share the allocated 2GB data in Singapore and Malaysia (roaming). That is to say, you can data roam there without any worry of extra charges beyond 2GB as it will be throttled down to ~128kbps.

One thing I like about this plan is that 150 mins call mins can be used to call Malaysia for free. This is something new but do mind your allocated minutes. Do take note if you are roaming in Malaysia, calls back to Singapore are chargable as roaming calls.

The app can be downloaded from app store and you can immediately check the usage. It refreshes and gets updated regularly. You can also use the app to buy add on.

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