The cheapest SIM ONLY plan has just been launched by VivoBee. The plan known as Bee Lite is priced at S$5 / month. It comes with 1 GB of local data, 50 calls, 50 SMS and free caller id and incoming calls.

The plan does not come with data or voice roaming service. If you consumed all the allocated data or minutes, you will have to top up to resume the data or making outgoing voice call.

VivoBee launched earlier in March with plans for foreign workers only.

This post paid plan runs Starhub network. It allows users to port in their post paid number. Sign up is only at selected retail outlets.

You can top up data or call minutes if you have consumed the allocated amount for the month. Top up for call minutes, IDD etc can be found at this page.

Sign up can only be done at their participating stores across the island. According to Vivobee, porting in takes around 3 to 5 working days. Here is the procedure according to vivobee (if you wish to sign up and port later say 2 weeks later).

Timeline required: 3 to 5 working days
1) Sign up for a VivoBee SIM
2) Call in customer service at 67712532 to request for a port in
3) Provide the following information

  • VivoBee phone number received during SIM registration
  • Original Identification Card PHOTO front and back (Example of ID card: Singapore NRIC, Work Permit, Dependent Pass, S Pass and etc)
  • Phone number to be ported into VivoBee service and which telco does it belong to

Reminder before proceeding with the port in:
1) Ensure that you are on postpaid plan (We only allow Postpaid plan to port in)
2) Your postpaid contract has ended (Else you will need to pay for the contract penalty to your current telco)
3) No outstanding balance to your current telco (If there are outstanding amount, your current telco has the rights to reject to port out)

Photo by Oliver

By Harry