VivoHub, a new mVNO that targets migrant workers with $1 mobile plan

In 2018, we see a number of new MVNOs joining in the price war. From the earliest Circles.Life, we have new players Zero1, ZeroMobile, MyRepublic joining the price war. Some of them provide unlimited data plans while some offer fantastic data deals that were neglected,

With hotter competition, even the traditional MNOs also join in and cut their prices to counter TPG’s trial that is providing 12 mths free trial of unlimited 4G data and calls (within network) for free.

While all these are happening, VivoHub, the 5th MVNO launched their products quietly in December 2018.

VivoHub, is the newest kid on the block. This new MVNO comes with an app ViVoBee which is a one-stop suite of mobile services designed to meet the needs of Singapore’s one million migrant workers. VivoHub leases network capacity and runs on top of StarHub network just like MyRepublic.



By Harry