Last week, TPG Singapore, the 4th telecom operator began it’s trial service in Singapore. The exercise was overwhelming as the public queued as long as 2 hours to get hold of the unlimited 4G SIM card and could use it for 12 months.

As usual, many of our workers here come from our northern neighbour Malaysia, some of them travel in and out everyday between the two countries. It would be nice if roaming charges were cheaper.

To our surprise, a member of the FB group was able to access the TPG network back at his home in Johor Barhu at high floor. As he was using a Xiaomi handset, he even enabled VoLTE and is able to make calls using the Singapore number and conduct speedtest and signal level test.

The user also tested with his M1 SIM card but could only use it in Roaming mode. That is to say M1 signal couldn’t reach that far into Johor Barhu.

Here are some screen shots. with speedtest showing a 11 Mbps downlink and signal at -107 dbm using Band 40.

By Harry