If you have recently visited Malaysia, you may have observed that the country’s telecommunications service provider has activated 5G roaming services for users of SIMBA SIM cards. To connect to the 5G network on your iPhone 12/13/14 or Android device, simply enable the 5G option and allow it to connect automatically.

Attached below is a screenshot indicating successful connection to Malaysia’s DNB 5G network on Band 28 (700 MHz). Additionally, it has been confirmed that SIMBA SIM cards are capable of roaming on Germany’s Vodafone 5G and Switzerland’s Salt 5G networks.

When travelling abroad, it is advisable to activate the 5G option on your device to enjoy faster internet speeds and lower latency. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Test done on POCO M4 Pro 5G with 5G Turned on.

By Harry