SIMBA users who have been enjoying the free 1 GB data roaming in Malaysia can now access the Celcom 5G network in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. During our test, we attempted to connect to Celcom with 5G enabled and achieved a robust connection to Band 28 (700 MHz). The result was quite decent at 204 Mbps Up and 72.7 Mbps downlink. Both VoLTE and 5G are working.

When we forced the network to 4G, we obtained a score of 1.8 Mbps with a 4G+ connection to LTE Band 7. It appears that Celcom should enhance its bandwidth allocation in the southern region of Malaysia to accommodate the substantial number of users on Friday evenings when the causeway is congested with Malaysians returning from Singapore.

We also attempted to manually search and connect to Digi, even though it was removed from the roaming partner list. Unfortunately, the connection was rejected.

Have you encountered slow speeds while roaming in Malaysia? Share your experiences in the comments below.

By Harry