Simba roaming checklist :

1. Apn setting in network settings hould be set to

Name : TPG


2. Make sure your handset you are brining overseas support the bands used in the destination country. This is very important for visitors to USA, Canada, Japan.

3. Enable VoLTE on your phone (4G voice on iPhone 7 and above). Xiaomi/POCO/Redmi phone enter this code to DISABLE CARRIER DETECT to enable VoLTE *#*#86583#*#* you will see a VoLTE logo and be able to make direct calls from the dial pad without needing the SIMBA voice app in Singapore.

4. Once you reach your destination, it will auto connect to a roaming partner. If there is no connection to any of the partner roaming network, go to networks and do a manual scan of the supported partner network (find the list at

5. If the roaming partner is a volte supported one , you can make and receive roaming voice calls for free to and from Singapore by dialing +65 followed by the number. You can make IDD calls if your plan comes with free IDD minutes (e.g. calling from Malaysia while roaming to Thailand). If your plan doesn’t come with free idd minutes and you need to make a call other than Singapore, you can top up the wallet thru

If you are roaming in a non Volte supported partner, you can use the SiMBA voice app to make and receive roaming calls for free.

6. If roaming speed is slow, check your network if you are on 5G auto. You can choose to set it to 4G preferred or try another roaming partner.

By Harry