Simba’s network coverage has recently grown as it continues to expand its roaming partnerships. Excitingly, the latest addition to SIMBA’s list of roaming partners is Rakuten in Japan. So, if you’re traveling to Japan, you can seamlessly roam on either network – KDDI and Rakuten with VoLTE capabilities.

But that’s not all! For those of you heading to The Philippines, SIMBA now offers roaming on its advanced 5G network. Experience blazing fast data speeds and reliable connectivity while in The Philippines.

No matter whether you’re in Japan or The Philippines, you can now conveniently make and receive calls through VoLTE Roaming using your phone’s dial pad. Enjoy a smooth communication experience wherever you go with Simba’s enhanced roaming services.

KDDI and Rakuten (LTE band 3)
(VoLTE Supported)

Smart Communications
(VoLTE & 5G Supported)

If you encounter issues with VoLTE Roaming, you can use the SIMBA Voice app to make calls/receive calls for free while roaming.

By Harry