TPG’s data roaming in Malaysia began 2 weeks ago. As more and more Singaporeans are visitng the northern neighbour, some users are delighted with the free trial data roaming and VoLTE working for their devices.

Some of the devices that works include the Samsung A30, Oppo Reno 10X Zoom, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note 7. The above are proven to work with data roaming on band 20/38/40. They can also make Voice calls back to Singapore as VoLTE is supported.

Unfortunately not all devices which has VoLTE working in Singapore will work in Malaysia. These include the certified list of Huawei devices. e.g Nova 3i can just data roam but VoLTE seems to be missing in action.

Apple users will be quite disappointed as data roaming may not work in Malaysia for data roaming. This is confirmed with TPG support. Although not suppoted, it was reported that iPhone XR works for data roam. VoLTE is out of the question for Apple devices used here or roaming in Malaysia. It is not supported by Yes4G, their partner network.

As it is a trial, we couldn’t fault it too much and hope that everything will work out.