TPG Singapore users can now enjoy free data roaming trial in Malaysia and Indonesia

Update 17/7/2019: TPG free data roaming is now available in Indoensia.

One of our readers were driving north to Malaysia and was delighted that TPG’s free data roaming seems to be activated.

A check on TPG website reveals that this service was enabled this morning (16 Jul 2019).

Once you enter Malaysia, you should receive a notification that you are now subscribed to data roaming. (it may not appear).

A scan of the network shows the common network like Celcom, Maxis, Yes 4G. He can login to Yes 4G network but the signal seems fairly unstable. It seems that YES 4G is the only network roaming is supported.

A check on Yes 4G, a full 4G network in Malaysia reveals that it only operates in bands 40, 38 and 20. Other than band 40, bands 38 (TDD) and 20 (FDD) are not so common. Yes 4G do not support the common bands 3, 7, 8. This might result in no network for some phones that do not support the bands.

Credits : Michael

As Yes 4G is a 4G only network, phones that work in TPG VoLTE network should work. Unfortunately, another user who uses a Huawei Mate 20 told us that VoLTE was not working at all.

Speedtest at AEON Malacca

According to Michael, the free data roaming works but it is dependent on location. He managed to get around 1 Mbps at AEON Malacca which enables him to surf the net.

Below is a screen shot of speedtest which registered around 1 Mbps in speed. It is tested at KSL City by Alvin.

Looks like TPG’s roaming partner is Yes 4G and it is locked at 1 Mbps which is pretty decent for a free service.

With TPG offering free data and voice roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia, how will other local telcos react.

Are you heading there this week, do test it and let us know if you face any issues.


By Harry