TPG temporaily suspending roaming to MY and ID from 15 Jan but is starting free trial roaming to the Philippines from 31 January 2020.

We queried TPG and this is their answer.

We are turning off roaming in Malaysia while we work out new roaming arrangements asap. Please stay tuned in our social media page or website as we will post an announcement once Malaysia roaming is available again.

From the recent announcements, we suspect TPG Singapore might be ending the trial service in the months to come and will introduce their price plans as early as Feb 2020.

If you require data roaming in Malaysia, there are two MVNOs which provide bundle data for use in Malaysia.

RedONE has a $8 plan with 3 GB data which you can use shared between Singapore and Malaysia.

Alternatively, Grid Mobile has a $25 GB plan which comes with 1 GB free data per month for data roaming in Malaysia.

If you are a iPhone user (phones that support eSIM), you can subscribe to OYA for data roaming in both Singapore and Malaysia.

By Harry