Oya a MVNO running under M1 started accepting users to sign up for it’s free 1 GB service a few days ago. Oya, being a new player uses a different strategy compared to other MVNOs. Instead of issuing physical SIM cards, customers will install an app and download the profile to their supported iPhone to activate the data only service.

The app is available on the Apple appstore and residents can register using Singpass or Passport screen shot to sign up. Everything is seamless and the eSIM will be installed and act as a secondary line to the iPhone. It comes with 1 GB of data which you can use locally and in Malaysia. There is no expiry date attached. You can top up as and when at 1 GB at S$5 or 5 GB at S$20. The data can be shared between Singapore and Malaysia. As a data only service, there won’t be any mobile number assigned for making calls and SMS.

To use the data, choose the secondary line in control panel.

You can top up 1 GB for S$5 or 5 GB for S$20 using credit/debit card.

As it is a iPhone, unless we access the enginereing mode, there is no direct way to check out the signal strength. As we can see from the speedtest result, Oya runs on M1 network as we mentioned before. It seems that the area the tester wasn’t capable of supporting LTE+, so a score of 41.4 Mbps is quite a normal speed for a 4G network in Singapore.

On the next page, we take a look at data roaming in Malaysia.