Oya has quietly launched it’s data sim plan. It now offers everyone 1 GB free. Oya is a brand under the company Red Otter. With this latest addition, we now have 4 MNOs and 11 MVNOs. Oya runs on M1 network.

To register for the free 1 GB data esim, just download the app and follow through the registration procedure. You will need your Singpass ready.

Unfortunately it is only available to Apple phone users in the form of eSIM. Android users will have to wait while our northern neighbours already have eSIM support for Pixel long ago.

Here is a picture of how it looks like on the iPhone with CirclesLife as the Primary SIM and Oya as Secondary.

Oya doesn’t come with any voice plan and is merely a data line. Calls can be made via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger running on the 1 GB data. You will be able to data roam on Malaysia on digi network when it launches officially on the 11th Nov 2019

Data can be topped up at $5 per GB or 5 GB for S$20. The good news is that there is no expiry date. So, no more stacking like you used to do for prepaid SIM cards to extend the expiry date.

Photo courtesy of Danie Alexander Raymond